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.rise again?
July 24, 2012

Been on a hiatus long enough. Time to get back and revive this.


.it’s quiet.
November 22, 2009

Mum left for her Haj today. 😦

March 31, 2009






How about just fucking forget about the fucking trip?!!

February 9, 2009

25 random facts of NMY

  1. I have a strong peeve on telemarketers and salesperson who doesn’t understand the word NO.
  2. And NO, I don’t believe your products are any more better than the ones I used and NO, I don’t believe there’s such thing as easy money.
  3. Most of the times, the most shabby and torn “baju butterfly” is the best sleeping outfit and the most comfy for my liking. *spread wings and flutters*
  4. My first CD album I bought was Second Coming from The Stone Roses in 1996, which automatically make “Driving South” one of my favorite songs.
  5. Speaking of music, my latest attachment is listening to White Rose Movement.
  6. Recently, I’ve been searching high and low for 80’s Malay tracks and fall in love all over again with my screen crush, Razis Ismail.
  7. I share the same birth date with John Lennon and Sharon Osbourne.
  8. 15 friends and I sang to all The Beatles’s classics while watching a musical, “Across The Universe” in Cathay Cinema.
  9. The first movie I watched in the cinema was Suzanna’s 1988, Santet and the first English movie was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 1990.
  10. I was exposed to watching horror flicks such as the Exorcist at a very young age by my parents who thinks it could toughen up oneself and it works.
  11. I was nicknamed, the Mamasan. Why and when? Look for answer on 12.
  12. 2007, Loughborough, UK. Was labeled the Mamasan when most of my classmates from all over the country made my dorm room a place to hold gatherings from drinking to watching football matches on tv.
  13. Managed to survive while sleeping in a -3 degree celsius weather without the heater on in Paris.
  14. Enjoy sleeping without necessarily using the comforter regardless of the weather. I like it bare. 😛
  15. I still have my bantal busuk till today and still sleeps with it.
  16. I first had my hair coloured was when I was in Primary 6 with Wella’s 9% and tried to pass off as a mixed blood to strangers and at times, it does work.
  17. The only time when my nails are short is when it’s either chipped or was forced to clip it in school.
  18. I was a rebel in primary school and strangely a loner in “her own world” in secondary school.
  19. In primary school, I was told umpteenth times to roll down my knee-high socks (feeling macam nak be one of the girls from a Malay girl-band in the early 90’s, Feminin) and ended up with a ring of “doughnuts” on my ankles at the end of the day.
  20. A few sets of my bras was confiscated in secondary school and was replaced with a biege color lame old bra with no sense of fashion and support. It was against the school’s rules to wear colored bras or one with cute ornaments under the white uniform. Up till today, I still haven’t get those bras back.
  21. The length of each of my eyebrows are as short as Hitler’s moustache.
  22. With the power of rendering and a good pencil, my eyebrows can look extremely well balanced and natural.
  23. I don’t really like the sun, the heat and the sweats thus I exclude any activities involving direct contact with what I had mentioned earlier.
  24. Have a tattoo of a dove surrounded by red roses on my back. Not.
  25. I love sex! Who doesn’t?

.freshest of the freshest
December 22, 2008

a fresh start for a fresh year to come with fresher thoughts and contents. =)