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.when you wish upon a star
February 23, 2010


.land of the malted vitasoy
February 11, 2010

Traveling with Mum and Sis have never been better, I enjoyed every minute of it.

.10..9..8..KABOOM. eh?
January 2, 2010

Yes, we missed the countdown again this year. Haaa. Apparently the time on our screen lagged 4 minutes. So there, new year was abruptly announced by the loud booming sound of the fireworks across the sky!

It was the first for me to celebrate NYE away from homeland and I don’t regret any minutes of it. I really gotta thank the companions around me, it made my eve one of the best so far.

Spent the day tasting street food, bargain shopping, relaxing at my little corner, listening to great music by the ever so talented Eswandy, being around the best bunch of friends and celebrating new year away from the typical crowd in Singapore, I couldn’t ask for more (except for the occasional air horn-ing by tactless local Mats around the area who thinks it was cool to do it right in the faces of people surrounding the area).

Also, gotta thank Elvis for being a great host. We definitely love your place and will be looking forward to hangout there again. I’m certain I have fallen for your red plum ice blended..haa!

Woke up on 1st Janurary 2010 to a magnificent view, what a great day to start 2010. Time to unpack and wash my dirty laundry.

Happy New Year everyone!

.mummy’s back!
December 22, 2009

Alhamdulilah, Mum is back from her Haj. I stayed up till wee hours in the morning, listening to Mum’s experience. Oh, how I missed her.

Dad, sis and I were production workers for the day. Never thought sorting out goodies and souvenirs could be this exciting!

.how good was macau?
July 15, 2009

Not as good as the adrenaline rush i had when i just have to get those fake goods from across the border of Macau for friends as souvenirs! Cheers on your new Longchamp? Haaa.

.ok what did i miss?
July 3, 2009

Leaving for Macau tomorrow and I’m still not packed!

.now, finish up those nougats
June 3, 2009

Back safely home in sunny Singapore amidst of all the hoo-hah of the lost Air France plane, the protest march at Flinders and the rapid outbreak of H1N1. Alhamdulilah. Now, time to sort out souvenirs for the love ones! Ouh..I’m already missing Melbourne.

.1 more day to go
May 26, 2009

I’m packing up. Hello Koalas and Kangaroos, here I come!!!

.mum still can’t decide yet
March 29, 2009

?…my family just can’t make up their minds. Unlike me, I’m up for anything..anytime and anywhere. From 2008 up till this very second, my mum just can’t decide where she really wants to travel. She had promised to bring the family to Los Angeles early last year but due to awaiting approval for her Haj, we decided to postponed it early this year. Then the news came, she was one of the 800 plus applicants who didn’t manage to get a place in the fixed quota. After the setback, we planned to leave for a 13-days LA trip in March but we just had to cancel it because it’s going to be a long trip and mum is saving up her “leaves” for her Haj in November, which she already managed to get a confirmed status to join the Haj for this year. Mum still can’t decide yet.

How about Korea? Mum said, “Good, check that out! I heard it’s a nice place and it ain’t that far…“. I had it checked out and at the very last minute, mum said the price is almost the same as the LA trip and we should keep the money instead for the prior planned trip. Because it seems that travelling to an “ang-moh” country is a tat better than seeing Asians everywhere, well we live in an Asian country isn’t it? Then mum suggested we should visit Australia instead since the last visit we did seems like eons back (it was in 1999). We had traveled to Brisbane and Goldcoast, so mum asked me to choose between Sydney or Melbourne which of course I’ve answered with a slight irritated tone, “Ibu…which ever place lah. Just get me out of Singapore and leave all the kiasu and kiasi for other people to handle!” Then I remembered the conversation I had with Vicky (who had traveled every parts of Australia) where she insist I visit Melbourne if I ever travel to Australia. So i’m keeping Melbourne in mind. Mum still can’t decide yet.

Eh, Cik Ana is planning to go for a cruise holiday and she wants us to join hers!“, Mum shouted across the living room while I was so engrossed on getting more paw points for Donut on Pet Society. So now mum wants to go for a cruise holiday especially knowing that Star Cruise had introduced a new spot to sail to, Redang Island. “But Mum, we’d been holidaying on cruises at least once for the past 5 years!” and Mum responded, “This is Redang we’re talking about here! We’ve never been there..“. At the end of the day, Mum still can’t decide yet.

9 D 6 N – London and Paris, shop till you drop for only $2600! That’s the latest catch Mum was drawn to. I reminded her, it’s not going to be easy for her to go around if she decides to ditch expensive tourist package on transports. There’s going to be lots of train rides, bus rides and walking. She likes what she sees in my photo album while I was studying there but she’s not into the idea of walking at such a distance for long and in such cold n wet weather. I know Mum is just eyeing for Longchamp colorful tote bags at a super great bargain price in Paris. She complained I didn’t buy enough when I was in Paris for a shortbreak after my studies for her satisfactory. Then, she got reminded again about the long distance walking I did to get from one point to the other. Now Mum still can’t decide yet.

I have less than a month to go to get Mum to decide where we should go in June. Mum! For heaven sake, decide!!!

.auf wiedersehen
March 24, 2009

I’m gonna miss you guys all over again. Have a safe trip back to Germany Arzu and Negin and you too Vicky, have a safe flight to Thailand! Love you girls. Gonna yearn for our laidback, crazy and noisy meet-ups times together.

Auf Wiedersehen liebt!

Thanks Margolo for the lovely impromptu pizzas! Though it’s burnt, nothing beats the taste of free food n a full stomach!