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.till we meet again. pfft.
October 26, 2009

It may be your day today, bit it may not on the next match. Till we meet again.
If you’re a KOPS fan, this may be awesome for you. Pfft.


.manchester united pontianak
March 15, 2009

When Man Utd got trashed – LadyMephis’s Mum (follow this link)

And you thought you heard the worst while watching a soccer match, you are wrong. The match yesterday left my mum who’s a Manchester United fanatic, sour the whole night. And you thought shrieking from a pontianak is scary, my mum’s scarier. If you had listen to the audio above, you know what I mean. My mum, the Man U pontianak.

Mum felt I’d betrayed her when I visited Emirates Stadium, home of the Arsenal team. Hey mum, Old Trafford is 3 – 4 hours away from my dorm and it cost a bomb for a train ride!