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.10..9..8..KABOOM. eh?
January 2, 2010

Yes, we missed the countdown again this year. Haaa. Apparently the time on our screen lagged 4 minutes. So there, new year was abruptly announced by the loud booming sound of the fireworks across the sky!

It was the first for me to celebrate NYE away from homeland and I don’t regret any minutes of it. I really gotta thank the companions around me, it made my eve one of the best so far.

Spent the day tasting street food, bargain shopping, relaxing at my little corner, listening to great music by the ever so talented Eswandy, being around the best bunch of friends and celebrating new year away from the typical crowd in Singapore, I couldn’t ask for more (except for the occasional air horn-ing by tactless local Mats around the area who thinks it was cool to do it right in the faces of people surrounding the area).

Also, gotta thank Elvis for being a great host. We definitely love your place and will be looking forward to hangout there again. I’m certain I have fallen for your red plum ice blended..haa!

Woke up on 1st Janurary 2010 to a magnificent view, what a great day to start 2010. Time to unpack and wash my dirty laundry.

Happy New Year everyone!


.anak singapura!
June 16, 2009

First of all, thanks Kamal for the tix for Henessy Artistry. It’s been quite sometime since I last watch the legendary Stoned Revivals play on stage.


Secondly, thanks to all who stay through till the end watching our 2 days tuneless harmony during the Mosaic Flipside Festival. Haaaa! Thanks also to The Pinholes for the superb collaboration.