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April 21, 2009

Dearest Makcik-Makcik, Kakcik-Kakcik, Adik-Adik @ 70an Gerek, 80an Gerek, Kpak Bing-Bing, Kopi-O-Teh-Tarik and so for,

Fucking stop with the lip-syncing when you’re fucking not sure what were the lyrics to those fucking songs and stop with the fucking like-you-know-it-all attitude because you know that you fucking know nothing! So stop moving those fucking lips when everything that came out of it are fucking wrong! Irritating sia..uurgh.

Excuse my French. If you think I’m being rude then blame it to my fucking PMS.


.bitter pills
March 13, 2009

Another Friday the 13th for the year. Lots of bad encounters for the first start of the year and I’m afraid it’s not going to be any better towards the end although I’m hoping for a miracle to change the whole course of the “cursed” ordeal I’m going through. Looking forward to the short holiday in June, maybe that could help. Apart from splurging every bits of my gst package on a single top, (retail therapy never fail to ease a person’s mind, well at least mine), I’m thankful for having my two favourite girls being there for me to remind me that I have to move on. The “tongkeng” ayam we had together at Tong Seng did help. 🙂

The plan today was to catch a movie with the girls and get a bite at Lucky Plaza for Nana’s favourite, Nasi Ayam Penyet. Unfortunately, the plan rolled to a halt. Bloody flu. Watery eyes, red nose and all. I might even mistook myself for Santa Claus if I look at the mirror. I think Christmas is coming early this year.

And so today, I can only rely on those bitter pills for a fast recovery, spend the whole boring day on Farm Town on Facebook and let the virtual farmer in me get loose and spread all those seeds, hoping for great harvesting returns, plans with the girls for another outing and try to get Santa Claus out of my head. Santa and drowsy pills combined together can lead to a disturbing hallucination. Eeeks.

.mum gave me ecstasy
January 10, 2009

Ouh boy. I’ve been dearly sick for the past few days and this happen quite often throughout the past few months too. Is my anti-body really that weak? Constant coughing, extensive migraine, tonsillitis attack and blocked nose are something you won’t want to bag everyday in your system. A trip to the doctor for me nowadays is like a trip to a second home. My appointments for a “mani-pedi” session doesn’t even occur that often. Just came back from an initial plan of meeting up a doctor at my regular family clinic for a consultation and guess what? It’s closed! Guess the doctor had enough of my constant whining and get himself sick instead.

In the other hand, apart of gurgling and swallowing “Cap Kaki Tiga” cool water aka Air Badak down my throat to ease my body heat, mum had been nagging me to eat more health supplements. Even to the verge of forcing every weird supplement pills with funny names down my throat.

Mum: “Eat this..
Me: “What?
Mum: “Ecstasy..
Me: “What??!! Are you mad? That’s illegal!”
Mum: “Ni lah.. Ecstasy. Health supplements. You need all the Vitamin C you can get. Makan!”

I snatched the bottle and read…it’s Esther-C. For a moment, it freaked me out thinking that my mum is a pusher. Mum needs to brush up her pronunciation skill. But I can’t blame her entirely, her new denture is still being construct and she had to rely to her current cracked and loose one. And so, she kindly set aside all the health supplements from her own health kit and nicely sat beside me, passing every little bits of pills onto my hand and watch as I dreadfully swallow all those pills with a smile. Evil yet loving. All the TLC I need today.