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.smell the grass
January 9, 2010

Aaaahh..nothing beats the smell of the grass in the evening.


.farewell shawn..not.
January 3, 2010

We started our day with full enthusiasm, with lots in mind too. Putting together a “Farewell” book for Shawn who will be leaving for his further studies in KL in a span of less than 3 hours was crazy. There were 30 photos to be printed along with a 15-minute artwork I did the night before. So here’s the problem, my printer has been dead for almost a year now and the chances of spotting a “printing” shop around Parkway Parade is as hard as spotting a Thai transvestite among the ladies in Singapore (mind you, these Thai trans are damn gorgeous I tell you, but that’s another story. Haaa!).

However, we managed to get it printed from a game store across the street for FREE! The puppy-eyes trick did work! The printed artwork was bad though, we couldn’t ask for’s printed free from a printer with almost dried ink. But hey, those lines looked cool anyway. Shawn might just thought it’s intentional. 😛

So we cooped ourselves inside an extremely chilly joint and began our “project”. Thanks Es for running to and fro to the mart to get stuffs, Dave for being the first Canadian karung-guni man in Singapore for the day, An for the whole idea and Zoe for her cute supposedly-lotus drawing. Haha.

Finally, we left for Shawn’s…4 hours later. By then, it was close to 9pm when we reached his place. It was meant to be a surprise but blame those cute fluffy cats along the pavement towards his place. We just had to pat them and scream how cute looking they were. We caught Shawn’s attention who was at the porch entertaining a few of his friends. Bleargh.

The book was presented to the about-to-leave-us boy while we start munching on Hirman’s cooked noodles and sangria! Shawn looked pretty surprised with our “project” until he decided to surprise us back.




“Hey guys, I decided..I’m not leaving Singapore..”


Okay, can we get the book back? All those time wasted. Haha..but hey, we’re happy you’re not leaving us just yet. So, welcome back  Shawn Kiyotaka Fukuzaki!

Another excuse to hangout till late night. Nice place dude. If the rent was cheaper, all of us could be your neighbors and we can turn Changi into the best hangout place in Singapore! Haaa.

Sorry Duma, your night was a traumatizing one. Bad Dave..bad bad Dave!

.10..9..8..KABOOM. eh?
January 2, 2010

Yes, we missed the countdown again this year. Haaa. Apparently the time on our screen lagged 4 minutes. So there, new year was abruptly announced by the loud booming sound of the fireworks across the sky!

It was the first for me to celebrate NYE away from homeland and I don’t regret any minutes of it. I really gotta thank the companions around me, it made my eve one of the best so far.

Spent the day tasting street food, bargain shopping, relaxing at my little corner, listening to great music by the ever so talented Eswandy, being around the best bunch of friends and celebrating new year away from the typical crowd in Singapore, I couldn’t ask for more (except for the occasional air horn-ing by tactless local Mats around the area who thinks it was cool to do it right in the faces of people surrounding the area).

Also, gotta thank Elvis for being a great host. We definitely love your place and will be looking forward to hangout there again. I’m certain I have fallen for your red plum ice blended..haa!

Woke up on 1st Janurary 2010 to a magnificent view, what a great day to start 2010. Time to unpack and wash my dirty laundry.

Happy New Year everyone!

.christmas & caipirinha
December 25, 2009

Zoe & Dave invited us for a Christmas dinner yesterday night. Who can resist a home-cooked thanksgiving turkey right? Hehe.

Delish food spread, great drinks (virgin and non), exchanging gifts, great host and hostess entertaining our “needs”, what could be any better than this?!

.chilling bananas
December 11, 2009

Had a good dinner, chilling and drinking session with the gang.

Ouh, farewell dear Daniel. Hope to see you again soon!

.big bird’s-day
December 1, 2009

1. Our big bird, Arzu’s birthday! (believe it or not, she hates celebrating it but hey, this is the only excuse for us to have a BBQ partaaay!)

2. We had a “starting up a fire” crash course (we tried firing up since an hour before but it didn’t work) by Greg who also brought the best Sangria. 😛

3. Wanna thank Zuzu for taking care of us throughout the sleepover. I love my kinder bueno surprise and the “occasional” ben & jerry’s chomps! Also, for the lovely view. As delighted as I sound, i still have murderous thoughts towards those noisy cuckoos!

Happy Birthday ARZU!!!!

November 13, 2009

Eat to our hearts’ content before Mum leaves. Chomp chomp!

On another note, my sis said I smell like a bitch. Startled.

I beg to differ. Angel by Thierry Mugler is the guilty one.

.gonna miss your specials
June 22, 2009

First the lovely bbq spread, then…

…the bad news. Pfft.

We’re so gonna miss you two, Carsten & Ines!

“oh.. that is such a break up scenario! invite to an exclusive dinner, make you feel comfy and then break up all of a sudden! ha! but yeah… singaland will miss its german chidren… come back to cold cold germany..” – Arzu Solmaz

.oh ibu..plan hancur!
May 10, 2009

It was the Abdul Rahman’s gathering today, we had a barbeque event at Changi Beach in celebration of Vesak Day. Eh, no…Mothers’ Day!


the mums cam-“whoring”

It was a week before the event, the 3rd generation of the Abdul Rahman’s were busy checking inbox and replying on Facebook, planning for a surprise for the mums. Everything went the way it was suppose to be until it got ruined on the actual day itself. While collecting the cake from the car, one of the mums  escaped and managed to peek through. It didn’t stop there, after surprising them with the cake, they look totally unsurprised, they were too slow to pick up what was going on. They were so slow, they took almost 15 minutes to gather around the table to cut the cake. Since it was their day, we kept it cool and continue shuffling our tongs on the chicken wings by the pit and waited for every mums to settle around the table. It didn’t help when Uncle Noer took full credit of our hard work plan just because he bought the cake for us. Tsk. Nonetheless, thanks for helping us out dearest Uncle!


even Baby Insyirah was annoyed..hehe

Can you believe that the mums sang “Happy Mothers’ Day” in the tune of a birthday song for themselves? The Abdul Rahman’s mums are sure a bunch of creative creatures, and shameless ones too. Hehe. Happy Mums’ Day! The tons of food is damn fulfilling! Thanks for the food all you beautiful women.

. the yummy-escapade
January 30, 2009


My short getaway to Kelantan and Terengganu the other day was like a trip to savour local delicacies they had spread just for me. Although I didn’t managed to get my hands on most of those food I had listed on my previous post, I was glad some did. The quest for Nasi Kerabu was shortlived when I’ve reached Kelantan way to early and had to leave for Terengganu that evening. Then again, the Satay Kajang I had in my cosy resort room, facing the sea with high breeze was fantastic. So it kinda make up for the sad loss of my constant craving for authentic Nasi Kerabu. To sums up the trip, it was a great holiday. Thanks to my love for making it possible!

The Yummy Check-List
Char-Kway at Rantau Panjang, Kelantan
Nasi Kerabu and Ayam Golek at Pasar Malam, Kelantan
Char-Kway at Rantau Panjang
Seafood fritters at Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan
Nasi Air at Pasar Payang, Terengganu
Kacang Rebus at Pantai Batu Burok, Terengganu
Satay Kajang at Pantai Timur, Terengganu
HOT GUY selling Serunding Daging at Pasar Payang, Terengganu

The Hot Guy

I took a shot of him, hopefully without him noticing but I guess he knows what was going on because he can’t keep his head from being still and just refused to look at me in the eyes while I purchase his Serunding Daging. Don’t act as if you’re not interested eh. See, good looks does do wonders to their business isn’t it?  Keropok Lekor, Telur Penyu or his anyone?  Haha. Ssshh.

Sorry my love, could’t help it but you’re still the one for me eh. Hehe.