.a birthday and a funeral

Everyone were extremely excited over this short trip we had planned only a week before. The birthday girl decided it will be a total different experience for her and the rest to celebrate her 27th out of Singapore. Oh yes, we were damn excited alright! 2 batches, one in the morning and the other in the evening crossed the causeway towards JB. We should applaud the 2nd batch for their power will crossing the bridge by foot – and one who managed to cross safely, still with a smile with heels on. Bravo Nadine! Lesson learned, never listen to Es or Famie’s advise when it comes to traveling. Do you know how long the 1st batch girls have to wait for you people for dinner? Haaa.

While walking towards That’s Cafe for dinner, something caught us by surprise. Flocks of youngsters filled up the whole street. A flea market was ON! So as you can imagine, our seats were fast empty after we ordered our food. Why wait when you can use the waiting time to shop? Food arrived only an hour later, for some cases – (Zoe’s chicken chop) NEVER! Can’t blame them, the whole place were packed and some orders got mixed up. I’m sorry for you babe.

By midnight, we moved across the street to My Little Corner to celebrate An’s not so surprise birthday! But we sure did make her move into tears when the guys presented some songs for her. Hope you like it babe and Elvis, thanks for the bottles of wine. The day ended at 3 in the morning.

The next morning, while having breakfast, we were greeted with locals with white cloth wrapped around their songkoks. Just when we’re done with our plates of delicious roti canai, we saw flyers given out by the state’s offiicials to shop owners around the streets. That’s weird. We proceeded to the nearest mall to do some shopping and abruptly got ridden out of the mall at 1pm. What was this ruckus all about? We got our answer. The Sultan of Johor had just passed. Now that our shopping plan was brought to a halt, we decided to bring back some drinks and food back to the hotel. But guess what? All the shops were closed! Even the 24-hour 7-11 stores had to be shut down!

However, we managed to get some drinks back, don’t ask me where and how. It might sound illegal. Haha. In the end, we cooped ourselves in a room, surviving only on a few cans of drinks, 2 small pints of Baskin Robbins, few packs of M&Ms and some vintage crackers to satisfied our hunger and thirst for the whole day. 😦 All these while watching the live burial ceremony of the Sultan on TV3. So much for shopping. Bleargh.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, most shops/stalls were allowed to be opened and so we managed to grab some seafood for dinner after hours of wandering around the empty streets like hungry zombies yearning for brains. Yeay!


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