.farewell shawn..not.

We started our day with full enthusiasm, with lots in mind too. Putting together a “Farewell” book for Shawn who will be leaving for his further studies in KL in a span of less than 3 hours was crazy. There were 30 photos to be printed along with a 15-minute artwork I did the night before. So here’s the problem, my printer has been dead for almost a year now and the chances of spotting a “printing” shop around Parkway Parade is as hard as spotting a Thai transvestite among the ladies in Singapore (mind you, these Thai trans are damn gorgeous I tell you, but that’s another story. Haaa!).

However, we managed to get it printed from a game store across the street for FREE! The puppy-eyes trick did work! The printed artwork was bad though, we couldn’t ask for more..it’s printed free from a printer with almost dried ink. But hey, those lines looked cool anyway. Shawn might just thought it’s intentional. 😛

So we cooped ourselves inside an extremely chilly joint and began our “project”. Thanks Es for running to and fro to the mart to get stuffs, Dave for being the first Canadian karung-guni man in Singapore for the day, An for the whole idea and Zoe for her cute supposedly-lotus drawing. Haha.

Finally, we left for Shawn’s…4 hours later. By then, it was close to 9pm when we reached his place. It was meant to be a surprise but blame those cute fluffy cats along the pavement towards his place. We just had to pat them and scream how cute looking they were. We caught Shawn’s attention who was at the porch entertaining a few of his friends. Bleargh.

The book was presented to the about-to-leave-us boy while we start munching on Hirman’s cooked noodles and sangria! Shawn looked pretty surprised with our “project” until he decided to surprise us back.




“Hey guys, I decided..I’m not leaving Singapore..”


Okay, can we get the book back? All those time wasted. Haha..but hey, we’re happy you’re not leaving us just yet. So, welcome back  Shawn Kiyotaka Fukuzaki!

Another excuse to hangout till late night. Nice place dude. If the rent was cheaper, all of us could be your neighbors and we can turn Changi into the best hangout place in Singapore! Haaa.

Sorry Duma, your night was a traumatizing one. Bad Dave..bad bad Dave!


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