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.fasting done, it’s raya time!
September 23, 2009

It’s official, my redundant blog is turning into a pictorial blog. Don’t blame entirely on my lazy bones. I’m diagnosed with semangat5minit writing syndrome. Baah.

Syawal is here. Exactly a week ago before Syawal, the Abdul Rahman’s grandkids met up for our iftar which then ended up as a lepak and gossiping session along Haji Lane. In contrary to¬† what Muslims are supposed to avoid during this month. Hehe.

A week after, instead of gathering to celebrate the joyous Aidilfitri, half of the Abdul Rahman’s (this time, parents, makciks, pakciks, all 3 generations included) gathered infront of a laptop watching a live telecast football match, Manchester United against Manchester City while the rest were hooked on cable tv for Nur Kasih or something on par.

Imagine the Kopites, the Blues and the Gunners against the Red Devils under one roof, it’s hell I tell you.

How can you not love the Abdul Rahman’s?