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.bffs high on puffs
August 15, 2009

Met up with the BFFs today and meeting up the new “addition” to the gang for approval. Nice catch Nana (since he decided to pay for our drinks), he’s definitely in our good book. Haa. Not sure what was in the sheeshas, but all of us were totally high after a few puffs. Okay, we won’t blame it on the pipes, maybe it’s just us when we meet, ala the Planeteers merging their rings together to call out Captain Planet.

So there was the prompt act to have a photo taken inside the public toilet (okay, i’m very sure it’s wasn’t the sheesha’s fault, this was taken before we took a puff). Baah.

And an impromptu “sanding” with a “muallaf” with Captain Kambing as my pengapit who thinks using the menu as a “kipas sanding” is cool.

Somebody call IMH please?