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.gonna miss your specials
June 22, 2009

First the lovely bbq spread, then…

…the bad news. Pfft.

We’re so gonna miss you two, Carsten & Ines!

“oh.. that is such a break up scenario! invite to an exclusive dinner, make you feel comfy and then break up all of a sudden! ha! but yeah… singaland will miss its german chidren… come back to cold cold germany..” – Arzu Solmaz


.anak singapura!
June 16, 2009

First of all, thanks Kamal for the tix for Henessy Artistry. It’s been quite sometime since I last watch the legendary Stoned Revivals play on stage.


Secondly, thanks to all who stay through till the end watching our 2 days tuneless harmony during the Mosaic Flipside Festival. Haaaa! Thanks also to The Pinholes for the superb collaboration.

.now, finish up those nougats
June 3, 2009

Back safely home in sunny Singapore amidst of all the hoo-hah of the lost Air France plane, the protest march at Flinders and the rapid outbreak of H1N1. Alhamdulilah. Now, time to sort out souvenirs for the love ones! Ouh..I’m already missing Melbourne.