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.1 more day to go
May 26, 2009

I’m packing up. Hello Koalas and Kangaroos, here I come!!!


.our pinkdot affair
May 19, 2009

Supporting the freedom to love.

Raisins for snack?

All you need is LOVE.

.oh ibu..plan hancur!
May 10, 2009

It was the Abdul Rahman’s gathering today, we had a barbeque event at Changi Beach in celebration of Vesak Day. Eh, no…Mothers’ Day!


the mums cam-“whoring”

It was a week before the event, the 3rd generation of the Abdul Rahman’s were busy checking inbox and replying on Facebook, planning for a surprise for the mums. Everything went the way it was suppose to be until it got ruined on the actual day itself. While collecting the cake from the car, one of the mumsĀ  escaped and managed to peek through. It didn’t stop there, after surprising them with the cake, they look totally unsurprised, they were too slow to pick up what was going on. They were so slow, they took almost 15 minutes to gather around the table to cut the cake. Since it was their day, we kept it cool and continue shuffling our tongs on the chicken wings by the pit and waited for every mums to settle around the table. It didn’t help when Uncle Noer took full credit of our hard work plan just because he bought the cake for us. Tsk. Nonetheless, thanks for helping us out dearest Uncle!


even Baby Insyirah was annoyed..hehe

Can you believe that the mums sang “Happy Mothers’ Day” in the tune of a birthday song for themselves? The Abdul Rahman’s mums are sure a bunch of creative creatures, and shameless ones too. Hehe. Happy Mums’ Day! The tons of food is damn fulfilling! Thanks for the food all you beautiful women.

.new addition
May 2, 2009

Let’s welcome the new addition to the family,