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April 21, 2009

Dearest Makcik-Makcik, Kakcik-Kakcik, Adik-Adik @ 70an Gerek, 80an Gerek, Kpak Bing-Bing, Kopi-O-Teh-Tarik and so for,

Fucking stop with the lip-syncing when you’re fucking not sure what were the lyrics to those fucking songs and stop with the fucking like-you-know-it-all attitude because you know that you fucking know nothing! So stop moving those fucking lips when everything that came out of it are fucking wrong! Irritating sia..uurgh.

Excuse my French. If you think I’m being rude then blame it to my fucking PMS.


.”b” to the “u” to the “s” to the “y”
April 19, 2009

Life been hectic, jam-packed with endless projects to get done with. Took me 5 sachets of coffee every night, pair of eyebags and a virus-attacked pc to finally get all of it completed. Thank god I managed to back up all my important files on my hard disk. Pheww!

In between, I did manage to catch a couple of swimming outings with my partners in crime, Nana and Julie. The first swim was a bad experience for all three of us. We weren’t equipped with the necessary concoctions although we knew that we’re going to spend a very long time out under the sun. We thought we didn’t really need it and guess what? We went back home with stiffened joints and sunburnt skin, almost looking like red lobsters escaping from the net. I had fever 2 days after and had to drag myself to a friend’s wedding over the weekend looking like a roasted pig. And I thought my MAC compact could save me – it didn’t. Thus, some people around the pool could have mistook us for illegal stall vendors during our second visit to the pool. We were the kiasu of all the kiasus! This time round, we brought along a variety of suntan lotions and aloe vera gel, just in case we get burn again. At the end of the day, we look nothing like a lobster but look more like tree barks – chocolatey! Julie could blend in with the blacks. Hehe.

Good Friday was pure fun too. Hung out with besties, Zul and Naz and tagging along were No and Ram.  Met Zul earlier in the day and drove to Suntec City to pick up our favourite boy, No for a quick bite and bitching at Marina Square. It was raining pretty heavily that day and we ended up getting stranded at Changi Beach just to get away from the heavy downpour. While waiting for the right time to pick up Naz and Ramli, we settled in the car that we had parked right infront of the beach and entertained ourselves with crazy tracks from my Ipod. Especially towards one particular song, which I won’t mention here literally made the car vibrates with our endless shrieking and laughter. It’s just plain hillarious.

Headed up Marina Barrage after picking up the couple for some sight-seeing and an impromptu picnic till the sun sets in. After dawn, we had some drinks at Mosi Cafe and to East Coast Park for supper before ending the night. I miss all those times we spent together after class. You guys are the best!

Next will be one of the important projects I have ever accepted. Jaja had honourly chose me to create her 7-piece wedding gifts. It’s going to be a great challenge since this is going to be my first try on something so crafty. Really hope it would turn out satisfying!

Off to JB now to get some cheap craft materials which would look superly expensive when I get my hands on it later. Hehe. Cheers!

April 8, 2009

I was reading through some random blog I chanced upon while waiting for my KFC meal be delivered to me a while ago. Then a line on one of the paragraphs caught my attention.

“I’m a matrep, not suppose to feel this kind of feelings.
but i just cant help it. i miss you soo much.
my heart is like babidoll. always hurts.”

Huh? Mat what? Does anyone know the defination of Matrep? Just curious and what differentiate Mat Kental, Mat Step-Faham and whatever Mats you can think of? If you know, mail me.

What is Matrep?

I tried googling it. Nope, can’t find the answer.

April 2, 2009

For the past few days, I bet you won’t miss a page when you flip those pages from various local newspapers. What else, local Muslim celebs “hottest” scandal in regards to their very pregnant photos. I bet all the makciks and pakciks felt awe when they read the news and questioned where’s the integrity of a Muslim couple these days or maybe asked why they didn’t do it earlier since “racy” images today are nothing compared with the ones from the 70’s. My mum beg to differ.

“We don’t agree with such actions  because we learn from mistakes. Whatever looks  in the 70’s, before or after should be followed wisely, of course you shouldn’t follow the bad ones lah! We know it’s wrong and that’s the reason why we don’t want to see our kids leading towards the wrong ways…”, says Mum.


So, does taking maternity shots wrong? If you ask me, I find there’s nothing wrong, especially if both you and your husband understands that this is a private moment for both to immortalize their pregnancy. BUT, both have to understand that all this is done for private viewing and by having your photos load up on Facebook, eventhough you had your account on “private” mode, it doesn’t mean it’s in safe hands. Does having a photo put up as your blog banner which is clearly open for public viewing means it’s private? And especially when you’re a known party. Understand that this world is hypocritical. Think before blaming whole-heartedly to those “cyber-thieves” who stole your not-so-private “private” photos. Both parties deserves a smack on the head! One being stupid and one being a busybody. I bet there are plenty of Muslim couples who does the same, not much of a hoo-haah, then again they’re not celebrities.  🙂

Meanwhile, I’m planning to take artistic shots of my boncit and fatty tummy. I wonder if that’s going to be controversial. Eh wake up, nobody cares lah! What? Just because I’m not a celebrity? Pfft.

Love the maternity shots of my cousin, Shasha. Mak suka nyah!