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. the yummy-escapade
January 30, 2009


My short getaway to Kelantan and Terengganu the other day was like a trip to savour local delicacies they had spread just for me. Although I didn’t managed to get my hands on most of those food I had listed on my previous post, I was glad some did. The quest for Nasi Kerabu was shortlived when I’ve reached Kelantan way to early and had to leave for Terengganu that evening. Then again, the Satay Kajang I had in my cosy resort room, facing the sea with high breeze was fantastic. So it kinda make up for the sad loss of my constant craving for authentic Nasi Kerabu. To sums up the trip, it was a great holiday. Thanks to my love for making it possible!

The Yummy Check-List
Char-Kway at Rantau Panjang, Kelantan
Nasi Kerabu and Ayam Golek at Pasar Malam, Kelantan
Char-Kway at Rantau Panjang
Seafood fritters at Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan
Nasi Air at Pasar Payang, Terengganu
Kacang Rebus at Pantai Batu Burok, Terengganu
Satay Kajang at Pantai Timur, Terengganu
HOT GUY selling Serunding Daging at Pasar Payang, Terengganu

The Hot Guy

I took a shot of him, hopefully without him noticing but I guess he knows what was going on because he can’t keep his head from being still and just refused to look at me in the eyes while I purchase his Serunding Daging. Don’t act as if you’re not interested eh. See, good looks does do wonders to their business isn’t it?  Keropok Lekor, Telur Penyu or his anyone?  Haha. Ssshh.

Sorry my love, could’t help it but you’re still the one for me eh. Hehe.


January 29, 2009


“Are you girls twins?”

We don’t even look like sisters, let alone looking like a pair of twins. Seriously, do we look the same? Well, apart of the heavy make-up, we both think we look different. While my sister has a pair of cat eyes, I have an almond-shaped eyes. While my sister has a pretty tiny nose, mind in the other hand looks as big as a bawang (I have a high bridge nose though..jangan jealous!) and while my sister needs no collagen shots for her sexy full lips, I will need some of those. So tell me, at which part of our faces are similar, convincing enough for people to think we are twins?

Not that we don’t like looking alike, we just wanna stop all that guessings. Annoying tau. 😛

.getting older
January 29, 2009

the drag queen


my beloved sister,


Though we aren’t as close as we used to be, I’ll still love you and will always be by your side when you need me. I hope we’ll get to share those great sister-moments again soon. You’re the best sister I would ever want since you were born into the family. Have a wonderful birthday my sis. Hugs and kisses.

Yours sincerely,


.nasi kerabu
January 22, 2009

Arzu is packing for Perth,Australia. In the other hand, I’m packing for humble Kelantan and Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. It’s been ages since I’ve been there. I used to frequent there, at least once a month, I had to tag my mum at which during those time, she had some business to run, back and forth between Singapore and Kelantan/Terengganu.

First on the list, the authentic Nasi Kerabu and Ayam Golek at their pasar malam. Secondly, Char-kway from Rantau Panjang. Third, seafood fritters at Pantai Cinta Berahi/Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan. Forth, Nasi Air at Pasar Payang. Fifth, Nasi Padang from Kemaman. Yes, it’s all about the food!

Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Kerabu.

*wriggle nose ala Bewitched hoping I’ll be teleported there now*

Nope. Didn’t happen. Still here but be there on Friday!

January 19, 2009

The poolside party was a blast yesterday, with a blast of pink rush coloured food spread and friends in different shades of pink to accommodate to the theme of the bash hosted by the lovely best friend cum birthday girl, Antoinette Seraphina! That morning, after waking up from a disastrous “salah bantal” sleep, I went straight to my closet to pick up the right top for the bash and I realized, I’m not really a pink person. There were only 2 pink tops nicely hanged and the only reason why I have those is because it was on sale, costing only £1 each from Primark when I was in Leceister. Who can resist a great bargain regardless of its colours right?

Before heading to Mimosa Park, I dropped by the supermarket to get some requested pink marshmellows and some other sinful candies and chocolates. While queueing up for payment, I was left wondering what would the rest bring to the party because I’m very sure with pink as the theme, I bet there’ll be some weird looking food set on the table and indeed I was right. Dragon fruit anyone? Arzu, you’re one weird German you. Haha.

It's pink too!

Speaking of weird, many had asked why do I go around with a Singapore-flag fan on my hand. Am I being too proud of being a Singaporean? Yes but that’s not the real reason. The real reason is that I’m being appreciative of what my lovely Arzu got for me as a souvenir from her recent attachment in Sapporo, Japan. Here’s come the weird part (if you didn’t notice it beforehand), a Singapore-flag fan from Japan as a souvenir for a Singaporean me? Arzu my dear, we can find those fans a whole lot at Bugis Street. Nonetheless, I still love it because it’s from Japan! So whenever people ask me where I got the fan from, I would answer:

“My Turkish friend from Germany went to Sapporo, Japan and bought me a Singapore-flag fan which is made in China.”  🙂

Happy Pinkies

If you can notice it, that’s the fan I’m talking about.

That night, I slept with a wide grin, contented with a full stomach of barbecued chicken, satay, grilled prawns, otah-otah, kebabs and stingrays, yummy chocolate cake spread with pink berries, a game of Cranium and Taboo, the mingling with my friends from all parts of the world and the best recollection moments of the late 80s and early 90s we shared and laughed about. Remember Mat Yoyo, DenDang and Tora?

Last but not least, HAPPY 16 + 10 BIRTHDAY, ANTOINETTE SERAPHINA! Love you babe.

p/s: Asri dengan confident-nya thinks that Ahmad Zain was the guy who introduces DenDang. Salah beb, it’s Mat Sentul!

.it’s coming
January 16, 2009

i see pink.

.morning call
January 15, 2009

Wake up now..

Bring me back to those days when I woke up in the morning by the sound of the heater from the bathroom steaming up and the serene scene out of the window to feast my eyes, while still laying down on my warm queen-size dorm bed. Though on some days, the heater just wouldn’t work, minutes before I had to shower and get ready for class. Up till today, I still have no idea what could be the cause of its dysfunctional state. Imagine getting almost scalded in one second and then getting frozen in another.

Serene Scene
The winter didn’t bother me. What did was how I wasn’t taking in the wonderful things I went through to the fullest. I am missing those days. Now let me head to my golden slumber land and dream about those fantastic days and in the meantime, create a great plan to save up enough cash for me to relieve the whole experience once again.

.it’s meno love
January 13, 2009

Though you are not having the best days this past few weeks, rest assured I will always be there for you. Those problems have to be ceased sooner or later because it has taken a toll on you and those eye-bags is not the “IN” thing this new year. Don’t have to thank me my love, for I believe that the only way you can show me your gratitude is by passing me your ATM card and your pin numbers assuring that you make me the luckiest and happiest babe in the world. Hehehe.

Hugs and kisses.

.mum gave me ecstasy
January 10, 2009

Ouh boy. I’ve been dearly sick for the past few days and this happen quite often throughout the past few months too. Is my anti-body really that weak? Constant coughing, extensive migraine, tonsillitis attack and blocked nose are something you won’t want to bag everyday in your system. A trip to the doctor for me nowadays is like a trip to a second home. My appointments for a “mani-pedi” session doesn’t even occur that often. Just came back from an initial plan of meeting up a doctor at my regular family clinic for a consultation and guess what? It’s closed! Guess the doctor had enough of my constant whining and get himself sick instead.

In the other hand, apart of gurgling and swallowing “Cap Kaki Tiga” cool water aka Air Badak down my throat to ease my body heat, mum had been nagging me to eat more health supplements. Even to the verge of forcing every weird supplement pills with funny names down my throat.

Mum: “Eat this..
Me: “What?
Mum: “Ecstasy..
Me: “What??!! Are you mad? That’s illegal!”
Mum: “Ni lah.. Ecstasy. Health supplements. You need all the Vitamin C you can get. Makan!”

I snatched the bottle and read…it’s Esther-C. For a moment, it freaked me out thinking that my mum is a pusher. Mum needs to brush up her pronunciation skill. But I can’t blame her entirely, her new denture is still being construct and she had to rely to her current cracked and loose one. And so, she kindly set aside all the health supplements from her own health kit and nicely sat beside me, passing every little bits of pills onto my hand and watch as I dreadfully swallow all those pills with a smile. Evil yet loving. All the TLC I need today.

.to be or not to be
January 8, 2009

Recently, I’ve been constantly asked the same priceless question.

“When are you getting a job?”

So far as I know, I’ve been working. Working my butts off on covering every single episode of The Little Nyonya on Ch8. 🙂 Since I officially graduated in August, I’ve been surviving on my freelance’s pay. Though it may not be as much, I’m quite contented knowing that I’m doing something that I love at the comfort of my home. Then there’s a heavenly word call “freedom”. I am free to do anything. Waking, sleeping, eating without any fixed timings. I’m free to hangout with my friends anytime I want. Then my CPF statement I received woke me up and throw me back to reality. It was a super sad figure. I need to buck up. I need my CPF to go up and running, just to make sure I’ll lead a tai-tai‘s life when I’m old matured.

With the current recession, I bet most agencies are trying to mark down the salary with this excuse. My freelance pay is much higher than that! Then there’s another alternative. Should I lead my way towards teaching? Still contemplating. Should I? So my dear readers (if I have any that is..), if you have any contacts or if you’re searching for a designer, pick me. Though I must inform you beforehand, my portfolio site is still left untouched. Lazy lazy fingers.